Welcome to our very own questing forum!

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Posting FB group text here for info and filler: I spoke to Dave, and he'll be posting some useful info in the FB group. He wants to hold a guided session for character creation, deliver his campaign / setting synopsis, and begin us on an introductory quest! In order to expedite things, I'll be acting as coordinator / technical liason while Dave will be focusing on all the creative goodness. As mentioned I've created an isolated DnD Discord server here to make discord easier to navigate: https://discord.gg/Q6Y57mv There is only one text, one voice channel and the server is private.

What I know so far:

And as much as I hate to say it, there isn't room for anyone else really so this is a little exclusive. We've got 9 adventurers which makes for a BIG party, there isn't room for any more!

Looking forward to seeing you guys theres, please feel free to contact Dave or I with any questions!